Friday, April 17, 2009

ab0ut me!!!!~~

Name : Nur hafizah bt md salleh..

Besday : 2 Jun 1991..

Birthplace : H0spital besar kuala kubu bharu,selang0r..

Current place : n0w melaka but nak pindah kat Mersing..

br0ther/sister : one sister and twin br0ther..they are : nur ain fazira,syarifbuddin and syafiq..

single 0r taken : taken..


h0bby : surf internet..reading the n0vel and m0st of all listening t0 music..

c0lour : all bright c0lor but n0 red..

f0od : char kuew tew..n my m0m c0ok..

D0 y0u..

c0ok : yup..i love t0 cook..

drive : yes..

like g0ssip : i love gossip,just love t0 hear about it..i av0id spread gossip b0ut other ppl cuz it waste my time...

believe in g0d : of course i d0..i believe in Allah S.W.T..

have any pet : yea it's cat..his name is harry..

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